Installation Guide

You can leave empty the database table prefix field when installing. It is optional.

1. Download the gallery script, extract all files and folders in an empty folder, and upload them to your host.

2. Create MySQL user name and database in your control panel of your web host. And add the user name to the MySQL database. Make note of your mysql username, password and database.

3. Start the installer by accessing your site and if doesn’t redirect you to install.php, try typing the url correctly. For example: or if you want to install the gallery in subdirectory then run

4. Follow the self-explained setup. For help, comments, feedback, discussion … send comment here.

5. The installer will automatically try to delete install.php and if it does not, delete install.php.

If you have problems with installation you may have to uncomment RewriteBase in .htaccess file by removing # from the RewriteBase line.

Thanks for choosing PHP Photo Gallery script,

Please comment below if you have problems with installation.

PHP Photo Gallery script version 1.0 released

PHP Photo Gallery script version 1.0 is released for the first time on 25th of april 2009. Version 1.1 is already in development, and lots of new features will be added. One of the reasons why version 1.1 developing started so late is because I am student, pursuing my B.S.C in Computer science and have not had time to start ver 1.1 early. The other reason is my other project PHP Weby directory script that I just finished developing ver. 1.3 currently in beta.

For version 1.1 the following features are planned to be added:
* Menu menager (add, edit menus)
* Page/Article manager (add static pages and/or articles)
* Custom photo fields
* Widgets
* Latest, random photos on pages.
and more.  It should be out in 2-3 months depending on my free time, but I will do my best to release it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and have a great time!